Wake-up Your Faith 

Be blessed God; train me in your ways of wise living. I’ll transfer to my lips all the counsel that comes from your mouth; I delight far more in what you tell me about living than in gathering a pile of riches. I ponder every morsel of wisdom from you, I relish everything you’ve told me of life, I won’t forget a word of it. Psalm 119: 14-16

Taking time to strengthen your spiritual health is key to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. “Train me in your ways of wise living” David says in Psalm 119. We are given the tools we need in God’s word to live strong, healthy and fit lives. Dedicating time and energy to developing and nurturing our spiritual walk’s is the foundation of living healthy and wholeheartedly.

No matter how great we look, how much money we make, or what kind of shape we are in, this world tells us that we will never be good enough, we will never live up to the standards of our society because it is simply impossible. This world thrives (literally makes money) on telling us that we will always need new things to make us feel better; a brand new car, the most fashionable clothes, the best make-up. However, these things will never truly make us feel better or happy. The only way we will ever feel completely ourselves, loved and embraced, is by acknowledging that God loves us unconditionally no matter what!


I believe that God gives us bodies to love him and others while we are here on this earth. We have bodies in order to be a vehicle for change in this world. When our bodies are tired, worn out and over burdened with disease it makes it harder for us to roam the earth with the good news of the Lord and the love that He has for all people. When we neglect and harm our amazingly complex and powerful bodies, I believe we are neglecting the impact that we are able to have on others by intentionally or unintentionally damaging a medium that we can use to show Gods love.

However, our bodies can look great, we can have crystal clear skin, eat healthy and still feel empty and lost. When we open ourselves to God, we give Him an opportunity to work in our life. Finding the balance of allowing God to work in our spiritual life while still allowing for the physical change that comes as we live a balanced, healthy life is key.

Changing old habits can be a challenge, choosing to eat healthy, waking up early to walk, taking time to be in prayer and reflection, these are all things people tend to put on the way side. But with God’s support and grace we can do all things through Him. The first step we have to take is a leap of faith. Trusting in something that we can not prove is faith. Just knowing that we are not alone is encouraging. God makes the impossible happen.

In all things you must have Faith. Faith is the building block of a balanced and healthy life. Without it you may feel defeated and easily conquered, with it, you will have the strength, energy and ability to successfully achieve a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

Faith is having the ability to believe in something you know to be true but can not prove it.  I believe having a personal Faith in God is the foundation to life change and that only through his love and mercy will a person fully be able to recognize his or her full potential and love for ones self and others. God gives us the ability, we have to take that ability and put it into use.

This Faith is often one of the major missing links in people’s life. Faith in God will not only lead to an everlasting relationship with Christ but will also give a person the strength and ability to live a life fulfilled on this earth.

There is however, another important facet of faith I am talking about.

It’s Faith in YOU and the belief YOU are finally going to achieve your goals and stay on the road to wellness for the rest of your life,  despite the fact you may have failed a hundred times in the past. Now, I’m going to keep it real. Faith is pretty easy to practice when you are starting out. Haven’t we all been “gung-ho” after that first week when the scale takes a drastic dip down? But know this: Faith is the also the easiest thing to lose when you face a bump in the road.

Practicing Faith is essential. Just like learning to ride a bike, you may fall off many times before you are able to ride on your own, you will lose Faith every now and then. You may feel that circumstances or situations have led you off the path to well being, but these are not the real reasons you threw in the towel; the reality is, you have lost Faith, Faith in both yourself and God.  The key to understanding this element of well being is to combine both Faith in God and Faith in yourself, that ultimately comes from God. Once this happens your life will change forever and He will noticeable be there to guide you through this new life and improved lifestyle.

Smile today for you have Faith – Caitlin

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