Today is the Beginning

The purpose of this blog is to help myself (and maybe a reader or two). To keep myself reliable, on-track, focused. I like to set goals. I like food. I like desert best of all.

greenfamily2013-5I like to write.  I didn’t say I was good at it. In fact I’m a horrible speller. But since that doesn’t matter these days with spell check and the helpful little red underline snake, I can start a blog and not look like a complete idiot.

Mom-mom. That’s me  It’s just part of who I am now. It’s almost been a year now since my little girl was born. You’d think I have my shit together by now.  A schedule? I thought that would come with time. Sleeping through the night? Ha, not when your baby eats more at night than in the day.

If I must be categorized I’d say I belong in the attached, natural, semi-hippie, go-to-a- naturalist-before-a-doctor, trying-my-best, loving parent type.

Goals: get two hours real work done at day, make dinner, clean house, complete one project a week, stay on budget,  read something to expand my mind, get 30 min quite/prayer/mediation time in a day, be nice, write each day, express my thoughts, exercise 5 days a week, become a better person (wife, mom, friend), make the world a more beautiful place.

Not too much to ask for.

Hold me to it.


1 thought on “About

  1. The girl behind the scenes is talented, beautiful, faithful, and altogether an inspiration to those you are luck enough to know her. Thanks for you blog of encouragement!

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