What Makes Me Feel Good

Finally! Fall has arrived! For us Phoenicians fall is like the rest of the country’s spring. We suffer half the year and the other half we brag.

When snow storms and blizzards are keeping people in doors for the winter we are celebrating with dinner on the patio and street festivals.

It is the end of September and change is in the air. People aren’t quite as grumpy. Flowers blooming. The pool doesn’t feel like a bath tub. Yes, fall is here.

Children at night

A few weekends ago we took a not so pretty drive northwest from Phoenix through Wikenburg to Date Creek Ranch. They opened their orchards to people who bought their beef. We were able picked apples and pears. It was a great time. (Check out my mom’s full blog post here to learn more! Visit to Date Creek Ranch)

family picking time


Since I am trying to kick my nightly habit of desserts I haven’t been trying any new recipes but last night I was weak and I gave in. I had to use my pears before they went bad you know!

I ended up making this delicious Pear Custard Pie (SCD, Grain/Refined Sugar Free) from a great cooking blog Flip Cookbook. Oh boy, let me tell you, it was good!

Pear Custard Pie

I always feel so loved when I am baking. Hubby all the sudden starts telling me how much he loves me and appreciates me, gives me little kisses as he walks by. Then at the end of cleaning up, I figured out why. He just wants me to make him treats!!!!

I understand the love for someone who makes you happy and I guess treats make him happy, therefore he loves me when I makes treats. I get it. But I do feel a little used…

The other thing we have been using our apples for is apple sauce! It is the best thing ever! It is easiest thing ever to make, it makes you feel silly buying it from the store. All you do it peel and core your apples (you don’t even have to chop them). Put them in your crockpot on low for a few hours. That’s it! I love love love cinnamon so I add a ton of that too. Like a tablespoon or more to five cups of sliced apples.

We like to add a little bit of greek yogurt and a few pecans for a scrumptious breakfast.

Maeve digging into the apple sauce-greek-yogurt-pecan-delight! Breakfast

This is what else is up around the Cheney house hold:

With lot’s of Maeve’s little friends turning one, we have been to lots of parties this summer.

All ready maeve

Party time


OOO Maeve

photo (16)


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