Paleo Chocolate Cake with Coconut Honey Frosting or Baby’s First Birthday Cake

As you know baking is one of my favorite past times. I frequently search Pinterest for gluten/grain/dairy/sugar free deserts. With the rise of Paleo eating people (paleoites?) it has been much easier to find fun, creative and delicious recipes.

A while back I was looking for a birthday cake recipe for my baby cousin’s 1st birthday. I wanted something that he could dig his chubby little hands into and smash in his mouth, without him having the high’s and low’s of a sugar filled cake.IMG_5542IMG_5547

As I scanned through my pins I found this Paleo Chocolate Birthday Cake. It was a perfect fit for this occasion. So I went ahead and made it, twice actually. 

IMG_5511 IMG_5513

The cake ended being perfect! I’ve made it several times since then and it is now in the running for my baby girl’s first birthday cake. IMG_5517




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