Now What?

This past Friday was my last day of work (for now). It was a bitter sweet day for me.

I will have been with my company for four years. In those four years so much has happened, shaped and changed me into who I am today. Each and every person in my work place has made an impact on me, both personally and professionally. I feel lucky to have grown into the person I am today while working there.

With that said, NOW WHAT?!

“It feels so strange, now I’m just a stay at home mom” – Me

“You’re not JUST a stay at home mom, now, the possibilities of what you can be are endless, being a mom is just part of who you are.”  – Matt/husband/daddy-to-be

Don’t be jealous, I have the best husband ever. I cannot tell you how incredible he has been these past 9.5 months.  Not only supportive, caring and loving but he also tells me how great I look and embraces my new “softness”. (Although this new “softness” could come across as insensitive, the tone that he says “you are so soft and perfect, God is making you soft and comfy so baby can’t help but fall-in-love with you” is so sweet I can’t help but melt.)

I chose to take my maternity leave a few weeks before my due date (July 25th). Again, my great husband encouraged me to take this extra time for me, to rest and relax before my life changes forever. (Told you he is awesome).

Now that I have plenty of time (but a little less energy) I want to choose what I do with my time wisely. The first few things on my to-do list are clean, organize, rest, exercise and mentally prepare for my homebirth.

Even though I know these next few weeks will go by fast I still feel a little lost. Where is my place in the world? I start thinking, “Since I can work I really should  be working”, I feel lazy for not doing more. But then again this is what this time is for, for a little R & R and to feel prepared (as much as I can) for my little girl to enter this world.

I feel so thankful that I am able to take this time, that I am supported my both my workplace and my family.

I am so excited to meet my baby girl!

Till then, I will continue to clean, relax, and ponder what life will be like in a few weeks.

With love,

          38 weeks


2 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Caitlin,
    I hope you are not feeling the least bit guilty for taking this time off before your scrumptious daughter is born because no matter how scrumptious she is, she is going to take all of your time, physical energy and mental energy. Pamper yourself extensively now! Before its too late! Oh, and you and Matt should spend some quality time together. Before its too late! (But seriously, she will be the most fun you ever had.)

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