Back with vigor!

Why hello there! I’ve missed you. Have you missed me?

I have been a little busy for the past five months, distracted by habitual sleep and nausea. However, now that I am feeling better I happy to announce that my darling husband and I will be expecting our first child at the end of July. We are so thankful for the little bundle of joy that is growing inside me and pray each day for health and happiness for this little one.

I am now in week 21 of my pregnancy. Between weeks 9-15 were the hardest for me, I felt like I could never get enough sleep, even thinking of making food made me nauseous and when I was hungry nothing but pizza and carbs sounded good to me. I am very thankful that I didn’t get really really sick (I don’t know how women do it). It was awful but bearable most the time.

Through it all I continued to teach my body works (weight) classes three times a week and walked around the neighborhood when I could muster up the energy. I feel that if I had stopped working out altogether, I would have felt much worse.

The thing that I tried to keep in mind was “listen to my body and what and I need”. If this meant going to bed at 6pm for 2 months or eating whatever I could keep down, I did it. I was a little worried I wasn’t getting enough nutrients because I lost 8lbs in 2 months. I talked with my wonderful midwife about this and she said that as long as I could keep my prenatal vitamins down the baby would be getting enough nutrients at this time. She told me, as time passed I would be able to eat vegetables and fruit again without having to force it down, and she was right.

I am now back to my old schedule of having “life juice” first thing in the morning, then a fruit smoothie mid-morning, lunch (a sandwich, salad or dinner leftovers), snacking on fruit, yogurt, or nuts, and dinner (chicken or fish with a salad/veggie and sweet potatoes is my favorite right now). This sort of eating really makes me feel good.

Now that I have energy again, I will be posting regularly. I have tons of great workouts and recipes to share! Can’t wait to see what you think.

Much love,

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