Before You Dig In…

I have been in this horrible habit of eating breakfast on the run, distracted and unaware of what I am doing. I hate to admit but I have been taking my breakfast smoothie with me on the go. I either drink it on the way to work or wait till I feel hungry and drink it while at work.

(Even though my green, purple, pink or orange smoothie is always a great topic of conversation around my office, I figure this doesn’t warrant enough to eat at my desk, a big ole’ office no no.)

I decided this had to change. Sipping my smoothie in front of my computer is not how I want to eat breakfast. I want to savor and enjoy the first time in the day I introduce nutritious and delicious food to my body.

The thing is, I’m know I am not the only one who is doing this. Now days, with such busy schedules, and little attention to what we eat yet alone to where we eat, Americans only eats dinner together at the table once a week. How is this effecting our familes? Children? Weight, and mental health?

How many meals a week do you eat a table? With no distractions? (includes: watching tv, listening to music, reading, talking on the phone, texting, driving!)

I believe It is time we start to enjoy what we eat. Hopefully we are taking time to prepare meals, so why not take the time to really savor and taste the food we are putting in our mouths.  Here are few mindful eating tips that I find useful.

Before you dig in… take time before you stuff the food in your mouth and be thankful for each meal, show gratitude for the food before you. Expressing thanks for food is one of our basic rituals and will help you enjoy the meal even more.

Eat in a settled and quite atmosphere. Dish your food onto a nice plate and make yourself eat at the table, even if it is just you. Light some candles or put some fresh flowers on the table, make the atmosphere beautiful and make it a special time.

Use all five senses. Food can be a powerful experience that engages all your senses. Eating is a full sensory act; savor every bite, enjoying the flavors, textures, and smells of your meal. You don’t want to eat something that looks delicious but smells disgusting, it just doesn’t work that way.

The Center for Mindful Eating gives these suggestions for mindful eating. “1) Use your sight to look at food’s color and shape with full concentration. 2) Smell a food’s aroma—both cooked and uncooked. Can you tell when something is fresh or spoiled? 3) Taste a food by letting it linger in your mouth for a long time, chewing it and extracting all the flavor it has to give you. Do you like (or dislike) it? 4) Experience details of a food’s texture and sound as you chew. 5) Hear food as you crunch, munch, and pop it in your mouth.”

Take a Few Moments to Rest Quietly After Your Meal. After you feel satisfied (not full), set your plate aside and take a few minutes to allow your food to digest and reflect on your meal and your day. I feel it is also important to give thanks, say a little prayer before and after your meal.

Do you have any mindful eating tips you find helpful? Share them with me below.



2 thoughts on “Before You Dig In…

  1. Love this! I am usually on the go for breakfast too. We had a mindfulness class at work and the guy had us do a mindful eating exercise with a single raisin. We had to take time to hold it, smell it, let it sit on our tongue without chewing, chew slowly, then swallow. It was very simple but hard at the same time! It is a good practice.

    • Thanks McCall. Yes, those are great techniques. I also went to a seminar once where we did that with an almond. It is amazing how much we can miss out on taste when we rush through eating.

      Have a great day!

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