Lemon Delight Cake

All four of my sisters were born in August or September, this means “birthday season” for my family, which in turn, means baking time for me!

For the last birthday bash of the “season” we decided a brunch would be a nice change from the regular dinner party. I was delighted to hear this because I have been wanting to bake my favorite lemon dessert for a while now.

When it came time to start baking I went to right to my cookbook shelf to find the very first gluten free cookbook I ever owned, (thanks to my sweet college girl friends who knew that just because I developed a gluten allergy it didn’t mean I could stop baking).

Great Gluten Free Baking by Louise Blair, has a variety of creative and original recipes that always catch my fancy. My husband’s all time favorite desert comes from this cookbook as well, Flourless Chocolate Orange Cake.

I opened the cookbook to Lemon Drizzle Bread, but I wanted to make it into a nice cake instead, topped with Lemon Curd from a cute little blog called Hey, That Tastes Good (what most people say when they find somethign tastes good that is gluten free.)

I call my adapted creation Lemon Delight Cake.

Looks delightful, right?

It was a huge success! 

This cake was light airy, but still dense and luscious; it burst  from the seems with sweet lemon tartness while the fresh raspberries brought you back to a place of calm serene. Really, it was heavenly. I can just imagine this dessert at a bridal shower served with earl grey tea.

Lemony Delight (Lemon Drizzle Cake with Lemon Curd)
Recipe coming soon!  


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